About The Gay Asian Men Survey (GAYAMS)

The GAYAMS is conducted by the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Gay Men’s Action Group a partnership of Sydney based government and non-government sexual health organisations committed to improving the sexual health and wellbeing of Asian gay men living in Australia.

We work with

and for Asian Gay Men

GAYAMS is committed to helping gay, bisexual and same sex attracted men from Asian cultural backgrounds take control of their sexual health.

We provide information on relevant sexual health issues, and we offer a range of general and specific services, events, and forums delivered by caring people who genuinely understand the sexual health issues affecting Asian gay men.

We’re committed to:

  • Understanding and reducing the impact of HIV and STIs among Asian gay men in NSW
  • Understanding and addressing sexual health and wellbeing issues which are specific to Asian gay men in NSW
  • Strengthening the community networks for Asian gay men in NSW by partnering with groups and organisations which support them

For more information, please contact us via email (asia@acon.org.au) or Contact Us form.

2016 Survey Results

The findings of the 2015-2016 survey provide a contemporary and important insight into the sexual health, wellbeing, and racism experienced by Asian gay men in Sydney. An infographic of the results can be found here, and a summary here.


The Gay Asian Men’s Survey aim to investigate sexual health and wellbeing of Asian gay men living in Australia and specifically in NSW. The survey is seeking men aged 18 years or above, having had sex with other men in the past five years, currently living in Sydney, and self-identifying as having Asian background.
Currently the survey is recruiting in Sydney.

We encourage Asian gay and bisexual men, homosexually-active men, and/or men having sex with men (MSM) living in Sydney to join our survey.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Gay Men’s Action Group 

This survey is a collaboration between ACON’s Asian Gay Men Project, UNSW’s Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH), Sydney Metro Local Health Districts, and Multi-cultural HIV and Hepatitis Service (MHAHS).